daryle_moshe_headshotPortrait by Moshe Zusman

My name is Daryle Maciocha. I am an experienced product designer.

I bring a passionate, data-driven, customer-first approach to my design solutions while clearly demonstrating the application of UX design principles. From research to ideation to prototype to final product, I aspire to be a full-stack designer.

I enjoy creating cleanly-designed digital things that a.) communicate complex problems simply, and b.) delight users in pursuit of solving a specific set of problems. As a designer, I’ve made a routine of sweating the small stuff. I obsess over design details and microinteractions that compose a unified whole, and I thrive working with a likeminded team toward that goal.

Recently, my design team participated in a positive round robin, where we focused on the very best in one another. Here are some of the generous things my amazing teammates said about me:

  • “passionate critical thinker who spots the gaps and opportunities”
  • “always seeking to make things better”
  • “detail-oriented”
  • “possess an ability to think through all user scenarios”
  • “develops a vision for his product”
  • “brings genuine and unique experience”
  • “seeks resolution through accountability”
  • “resilient, always moving forward”
  • “always bringing a sense of humor”
  • “fearless”

I currently live in Washington, DC with my beautiful potter wife, two wonderful children, and a barely manageable vinyl collection. I am a design minimalist and a musical maximalist: I am a DJ and the proprietor of DJ D-Mac & Associates, a successful DJ collective, effectively managing a team of twelve talented subcontractors. I developed and maintain a strong brand identity within a highly competitive major metropolitan market, providing design and art direction of complete media kit, including web site, print material, photography and promotional videos, My ancillary skills then include site developer, blogger, content creator, editor, and social media manager.

My resume is available below.