I am an experienced digital designer and art director

I fully embrace UX design principles and the challenges of code and the beautiful/useful things it can create. From ideation to prototype, I aspire to full-stack art direction. This approach was most recently defined and refined in my immersive experience at DESIGNATION.

I enjoy creating cleanly-designed digital things that a.) communicate complex problems simply, and b.) delight users in pursuit of solving a specific set of problems. As a designer, I’ve made a routine of sweating the small stuff. I obsess over design details and microinteractions that compose a unified whole and I thrive leading a likeminded team toward that goal.

I currently live in Washington, DC with my beautiful wife, two young children, and a barely manageable record collection. I am a design minimalist and a musical maximalist. I’d like to bring my experience and skill to your organization.

My resume is available below.